La Roche LR DTX 300RB

La Roche LR DTX 300RBLa Roche LR DTX 300RBLa Roche LR DTX 300RB

LR DTX 300RB  (LR DTX 300RB)

Heavy duty alligator style shears with powerful cutting forces for scrap steel, no-ferrous metals, rebar and all general shearing. All machines feature adjustable jaw opening with a simple rugged mechanism, 4 sided reversible blades. All machines are supplied with a hold-down and guards.

Capacity Table for High Tensile steel @ 85kg/mm2
1 Bar45mm Dia
2 Bar35mm Dia
3 Bar32mm Dia
6 Bar25mm Dia
8 Bar20mm Dia
12 Bar16mm Dia
16 Bar12mm Dia
18 Bar10mm Dia


Output: 10 HP
Max Capacity: 45mm
Power supply : 415V volts

Product Pricing

£19,378.55 ex VAT
(£23,254.26 inc VAT)
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