La Roche Linkmaster LR930A

La Roche Linkmaster LR930A

Linkmaster LR930A  (LR930A)

The Linkmaster LR930A with capacities up to 50mm mild steel 45kgmm², 40mm high tensile steel 85kgmm². Machine comes ready to work with all the tooling required to bend to british specification up to the maximum capacity of the machine in high tensile steel.


Dimensions: 1750x980x875
KW: 4.7 & 6
Bending Speed: 9 & 18rpm
Capacity on high tensile: 40mm
Capacity on mild steel: 50mm
Weight: 1100 kg

Product Pricing

£9,195.00 ex VAT
(£11,034.00 inc VAT)
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