Diamond DC-25X

Diamond DC-25X

DC-25X  (DC-25X)

The DC-25X, capable of shearing any size rebar up to 25mm diameter, these cutters are well suited to larger construction jobs.


Dimensions: 515x150x250mm
Output: 2.0HP
Cutting Pressure: 30 tons
Cutting Speed: 5 sec
Max Capacity: 25mm (1")
Power supply : Electric Motor
(100V / 115V / 220V / 240V) volts
Weight: 23 kg

Product Pricing

£1,446.70 ex VAT
(£1,736.04 inc VAT)
£12.50 Carriage ex VAT


Carbon Brushes (x2)
Carbon Brushes (x2)

Carbon Brushes for Rebar Cutters (2 pcs)

£5.95 ex VAT
£12.50 carriage

Cutter Block
Cutter Block

Cutter Block for Rebar Cutters

£15.95 ex VAT
£12.50 carriage