La Roche LR980A CISAL

La Roche LR980A CISAL

LR980A CISAL  (LR980A)

The range of three machines from the CIDRO LR935A up to the LR985A offer high production progressive cutting without shock, low maintenance hydraulic system and controlled cutting action, with capacities up to 65mm Mild Steel 45kgmm2, 50mm High Tensile Steel 85kgmm2. The CIDRO LR935A and CISAL LR980A are also available powered by a diesel engine as an alternative.


Dimensions: 1470x560x955
KW: 4
Cutting Speed: 30/min
Capacity on high tensile: 40mm
Capacity on mild steel: 55mm
Max Capacity: 55mm
Weight: 560 kg

Product Pricing

£8,525.00 ex VAT
(£10,230.00 inc VAT)
FREE UK Carriage!*