Diamond DBR-32WH

Diamond DBR-32WH

DBR-32WH  (DBR-32WH)

The DBR-32WH not only cleanly straightens bent rebars but also functions as a simple rebar bender. Its interchangeable die covers the range diameter 13mm - 32mm for mild steel, or up to 25mm for high-tensile.

Rebar DiameterBending angle capacity PULL
13mm (1/2")up to 94°
16mm (5/8")90°
20mm (3/4")90°
25mm (1")90°
29mm (1 1/8")(mild only)90°
32mm (1 1/4")(mild only)90°


Dimensions: 660 x 270 x 200 mm
Output: 1.5 HP°
Bending Speed: 4 secs to 90°
Bending Angle: Up to 144°
Max Capacity: 32mm
Power supply : 100/115/230V volts
Weight: 28 kg

Product Pricing

£2,543.50 ex VAT
(£3,052.20 inc VAT)
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